• 1 bed, 2 bed Standard & King Size Apartment, Fitted Wardrobes
  • Luxury 2 bed with Garden Terrace, Sanitary, Kitchen Appliances & Wooden Door
  • Green Views & Garden Park, Highly Professional Management Team
  • 24/7 Foolproof Security, On-Call Complete Maintenance Services
  • Lush Green Surrounding, Access to Main Grand Trunk Road
  • Two-Way Entrance in Society, Mosque, Designated Parking Area, Kids Play Area
  • Garbage Chute, Elevator & Stair Access, Proper Fire Safety Protocols

Security Camera

Alarm sirens are installed in different locations inside and outside the apartment. If someone tries to pass through the security system then these sirens activate instantly, creating loud noise everywhere on-premises.

Break Glass Detector

Detectors are Added to Glass windows to ensure that no one should ever try to break-in from that side of the apartment. If someone tries to break the window glass, the security department will be immediately notified along with siren activation.

Security Camera

CCTV Cameras are installed everywhere on-site to ensure maximum security for you and your family. These are high-end cameras capturing whole premises from every possible angle to detect any suspicious activity.

Door Contact

Door contacts are added to the main door of apartments to provide maximum security options. Once the apartment is locked then opening the door during the lock period will initiate sirens instantly.

Alarm System

Complete property Alarm system installed to provide maximum security for your house and family. This modern alarm system activates initiates as soon as someone tries to break in, and inform the security department instantly.


Now you need not open your apartment door for anyone, because this feature allows you to find out if someone outside is exactly the one you were expecting or someone stranger.